Pesaro Film Festival – Wild Eyes by Stefano Masi

Pesaro Film Festival

« Wild Eyes » by Stefano Masi

Le titre de la séance en hommage à mon film « L’oeil sauvage« .


Video Program
By Stefano Masi

(…) Filmmakers such as Johanna Vaude or Yves-Marie Mahé use video and film in different situations and according to different strategies, mixing the forms of both in their own filmographies and, at times, within a film itself, shooting in video and re-shooting in film (or vice versa), in order to modify the make-up of the image, in search of a new physical plot that is each time the most suitable for materializing the contents. The final result is translated into an image whose original « substance » is difficult to identity, for the simple fact that is a hybrid : it is part of the photo-chemical nature of cinema but also of the electronic world of video. (…)

« Electronic Perforations » by Stefano Masi in catalogue « 39° Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema », p. 132, Rome, 2003.


Johanna Vaude
(Paris, 1975) A filmmaker and cultural events organizer, Johanna Vaude graduated in Plastic Arts at the University of Paris (St Charles). Ther, she took courses on experimental film, which allowed her to channel her multiple expressive tensions, previously poured into design, painting, poetry and theatre. She has participated in various experimental film associations, including Braquage, Etna and Collectif Jeune Cinema. She recently created her own association, named L’œil sauvage after one of her most noted films.

« Biographies » by Stefano Masi in catalogue « 39° Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema », p. 140, Rome, 2003.


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