Women Make Waves Film Festival – Taïwan

20th Women Make Waves Film Festival / Taïwan – China

Women Make Waves SYSTEM OVERLOAD sélectionné au 20th WOMEN MAKE WAVES FILM FESTIVAL, qui aura lieu du 11 au 20 Octobre 2013 à Taïwan, Chine. Voir le programme détaillé…

SYSTEM OVERLOAD officialy selected to the 20th WOMEN MAKE WAVES FILM FESTIVAL, 11 to October 20 2013 in Taïwan, China. See the full program…

Taiwan Women’s Film Association (formerly known as Taipei Women Film and Video Association) was established in the year 2000. Since 1993, we have been organizing the annual Taiwan International Women Make Waves Film Festival. We have screened close to a thousand hard-to-find international films and unique local films, establishing a film platform outside the male-centric mainstream perspective.

Starting in 2001, we took Women Make Waves Film Festival on the road around the island, becoming the first touring film festival in Taiwan. Working with local theatres, communities, schools, and art centers, our goal was to decrease the gap in Taiwan’s urban-rural divide. We have become one of the oldest in Taiwan, as well as one of the most important and well-known film festivals in Asia.

We have also expended our missions to the distribution of books, magazines, films, and the setting up of on-line resources. The goal was not only to provide educational opportunities for various organizations, but also to enrich the domestic feminist film theory and gender studies discourse. In 2009, we started our first video production training classes, empowering more people with access behind the camera, working to raise the standard of our media environment.

Women Make Waves - System Overload by Johanna Vaude


Comparing human brain to computer system, the short film represents actions of overloaded programming on the computer screen, as if the “machine” is out of control and being liberated…






Time : 06:16 min
Director & Soundtrack : Johanna Vaude
Animator 2D/3D & Editor : Johanna Vaude
Production : Sacrebleu Prods, Ron Dyens / contact@sacrebleuprod.com
Distributor : Camille Condemi / distribution@sacrebleuprod.com