The Surrealist Roots of Video Essays by Adrian Martin


"In her re-montage of Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life as Listen and Look (2012), commissioned for Arte TV, French artist Johanna Vaude goes in a more poetic (rather than analytic) direction [...]

Best Videos Essays 2015


Ma revisite de Mad Max pour Blow Up Arte fait partie du top 10 des "Best Videos Essays 2015" du critique de cinéma Adrian Martin sur le site Fandor (all for film) !

My video about Mad Max for Blow Up Arte listed by the cinema critic Adrian Martin for his Top 10 "Best Videos Essays 2015" on Fandor website (all for film) !

THE AUDIOVISUAL ESSAY @ Frankfurt Filmmuseum

Thomas Koebner

Mon hommage aux films de John Carpenter sera projeté le dimanche 24 Novembre dans le cadre de la conférence de Adrian Martin au Frankfurt Filmmuseum sur le thème du passage du footage à l'essai vidéo [...]
Adrian Martin will give a conference at the Frankfurt Filmmuseum about films or videos that, in some way and form, reflect upon other films, using the medium of image and sound, and my tribute about John Carpenter's films will by screened Sunday, 24.11.2013 [...]